Re-Registration for Users of the "Old" Web site

How to Restore Your Access to This Web Site

We need everybody to re-register on the new web site. Don't bother trying to login (above) until you have re-registered.

If you had an account on the old troop web site, you are automatically "pre-approved" on this new web site. No need to request "pre-approval"

Email notification is not affected by this change -- there is no need to resubscribe to emails. Please note that we're finding that many people get our emails but do not have a login account on our site. Or some people registered with one email, but used a different email for news subscriptions. Recall that we use a separate, subscription based mailing service called feedblitz to mail the news mailings. This is to stay ahead of new, tough anti spam rules that would otherwise block this site

If you had an account on the "OLD" site, please complete the registration form and look for an email from webmaster (at) You'll need to validate the email you registered with -- and that email needs to be the same one your old account used.

If you need to use a different email send me a note at webmaster (at)

Remember to check your junk mail or spam folders if you don't get a registration/validation email. (You could have also entered your email address incorrectly...)

If you are new to the troop, please refer to New User Registration. Thanks everyone for your patience and good humor. We do this to guard against identity theft and protect the Scouts.