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No Shopping for winter campout

We have made some slight changes to the winter camp out regarding food.  ALL food will be provided by the troop.  There is NO patrol shopping to be done.  Groups will be set up for all meals including the competition upon arriving at camp.

For those that didnt get a slip in, you can still contact me and get signed up.  The cabin camping is a nice change, and the cooking competition is always a great time.


Winter Campout deadline is tomorrow - new credit card payment available

Just a reminder that the deadline to sign up for the winter camp out is tomorrow.  

The troop has implemented a great new feature on the website that allows you to use credit cards for payments.  Visit the troop site and along the top, select Troop Store.  You will see each campout listed and can make the appropriate selections.  You WILL still need to fill out the standard form and email it to me at  Please note on the form that you submitted a credit card payment.

Winter Campout - Permission slips due no later than Feb. 7th (Tuesday)

It's time to bundle up and sharpen those chef knives.  Yes, those two things do go together.  Our Winter Challenge and Iron Stomach Cook-Off is QUICKLY approaching.  We will depart from the normal drop off location at 6:00 PM on Friday February 10th and return Sunday February 12th at approximately noon.  

Please see the attached permission slip for details on outdoor/indoor camping along with the cooking challenge.

Take note of the short turn around time and don't delay on getting your permission slip in.  They must be in by the 7th to have a count for meal planning.  

Personal Management merit badge

For those that began working on this badge at the last meeting, we will meet again during tomorrow's meeting. 

You should have 2 weeks worth of tracking On your budget worksheet and should have completed the ore budget worksheet as well.  

Make sure to bring the above documents as we will review them early in in the process to make sure everyone is on the right track. 

This is the last Troop meeting where this will be discussed as a group. 

Personal Management - Eagle required MB

On Tuesday January 17th I will be at the troop meeting to begin working with those scouts that are First Class and above that are interested in their Personal Management merit badge. This is not something that is finished in one night. We will discuss several key items and you will begin tracking your finances for a 13 week period, at which point you will need to contract me to set up a final meeting to present all requirements. I will be present at a second troop meeting during which, we will review progress and discuss additional requirements.

Final reminder popcorn orders

Just a reminder that popcorn orders are due to me by Thursday October 6. Please use the xls that can be found in the documents section. Email your spreadsheet to
If you are finished selling, please send it to me as soon as possible. Show and sells are over and I am trying to balance the final inventory.

I will respond to confirm receipt of your order. If you don't get a response, CALL ME at 2482144583 as this means I didn't receive it.

Leslie Brown

Popcorn - Take orders and show and sell signups

For those that are doing take orders for popcorn, the orders are due to me by THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6th. I have attached an xls spreadsheet. Please add your scout's name in the line noted, and add the total for each product you would like. I do not need to know who you sold to, I just want a single line with the scout's name and the totals. Do not change anything else in the spreadsheet, else there will be errors when it is copied to the master. Please do NOT email me without the spreadsheet, text me, or call with your orders.

Popcorn show and sell Signups for this weekend (Sept. 24-25)

There are just a few weekends left for popcorn show and sells. This weekend we have a great opportunity to sell at the Brooksie Way Expo. We have had a table the last couple of years and have done very well with sales.

For the first slot of the day, be sure to leave a little extra time to get there and set up. The expo starts at 3:00 and you need to be in and set up by then.

As always, the first slot will need to pick up the popcorn from my home, and the last will need to return it. The Expo provides a table so you will not need to carry that in.