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PlC Minutes

Hi everyone,


          Sorry for the lateness here our January's plc Minutes


                                Luke Fenchak 

Summer Camp Pack List

Quick reminder for the pack list. Send your scout with old sneakers and closed toe and closed heel sandals. Hiking boots are good too. Open toe sandals are for showers only.

Send sunscreen and bug spray. They WILL apply. Aerosol sprays are not allowed.

Any last minute questions please text me 248-818-0389 or Don Staley.

Mr Fenchak

Troop Elections Last Call

Last call for troop elections.

I have had a weak response from scouts to hold troop positions. Remember it is the scouts that run the troop. Without you in troop officer positions the troop cannot run. This is excellent opportunities for rank advancements as well.

Currently I have for elections:
1 scout signed up for SPL
2 scouts signed up for quartermaster (need to fill 2 positions)
1 scout signed up for scribe (need to fill 2 positions)

A good election would be to have multiple scouts running for positions. Please consider doing your part.

Scout Summer Camp Merit Badges and Pre Requisites

Sorry about the format of the list I tried to get it to make sense.

Below is the list of scouts going to summer camp, the merit badges that they are signed up for and the pre req's that they need to show up at camp with.

All scouts will be taking 5 merit badges at camp.

If your scout is in Eagle Quest they will only be working on two merit badges.

If your scout is taking Life Saving or Welding those badges take 2 blocks so those scouts will be taking 4 merit badges.