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AT and Phlimont Training

Those interested in going to AT we are going to do laps on the stairs tomorrow at 5pm. Meet at the Clinton River Trail parking lot on 2nd street between OPC and RARA. Those just doing AT can do 5 laps with a 10lbs pack. Those going to Philmont are doing 9 laps with a 20lbs pack. See you there.

Conditioning for Appalachian Trail

For those of you that are going to go on the Appalachian trail you are more than welcome to join those of us training for Philmont. Every Monday and Wednesday we meet at  5pm at the Clinton River Trail parking lot on Second St. between OPC and RARA. We go to the Bloomer Stairs and do 9 laps with packs. Those of you going only on the Appalachian Trail can join us for 5 laps. On Saturday the 18th we are doing a 10 mile hike at Addison Oaks at 8am. Please join us with packs.

PlC Minutes

Hi everyone,


          Sorry for the lateness here our January's plc Minutes


                                Luke Fenchak