Start taking orders for Troops 125 and 456 Pre-Sale Pies!

EACH FAMILY IS  ASKED TO PRESELL 15 PIES to family, friends, neighbors, coworkers....and yourself! 

These pies are well known in the Rochester community.  Just ask the Troop 125 Scouts that hawk the pies on Friday and Sunday at the Art & Apples Festival.  They practically sell themselves! The secret is the Northern Spy apples we bring down from an orchard in Frankfurt, Michigan, as well as our secret recipe that's loaded with apples. Both baked and unbaked pies can be frozen for up to a year. They're great for the holidays!

Tent Return

Hello Troop 125,

As most of you know I am one of the quartermasters for this upcoming turn. If you have a tent from summer camp I would like it back by the troop picnic on August 26th. If you can not get them to me by this time please arrange another time with me. Thank you very much


John Grundhofer



Douglas Wells Eagle Scout #154

Congratulations to Douglas Wells, Troop 125’s newest Eagle Scout! Douglas built and installed 4 large bat houses for Dinosaur Hill. In addition, he researched and designed a large informational sign with interesting facts about bats and their benefit to the community. After it was printed, Douglas installed the new sign near the entrance. His project cost $614 and required 230 hours to complete.  Join us this fall at the  Eagle Court of Honor to celebrate Douglas’s accomplishment. 

Isle Royale Successfully Completed

I wanted to take a few moments to congratulate the Isle Royale Crew of Josh Arango, Pierce Eschtruth and Andrew Romanski for completing their trek of Isle Royale National Park.  Here's some numbers

Hiked 53 Miles carrying up to 50 lbs of equipment, food and fuel.

Climbed over a mile of elevation throughout the 5 days.

Saw 9 Moose (including the massive Bruce the Moose), beavers, foxes and snakes of all types.

Traveled 1200 Miles by car and boat.

Countless wild blueberries and a few thimbleberries eaten

Anukul Banerji Eagle Scout #153

Congratulations to Anukul Banerji on becoming our troop's newest Eagle Scout!  Anukul did a three-part project for Hawk Woods Nature Center.  He constructed and installed 7 tree identification signs along the trail, built a bench for resting hikers and updated and posted a trail map sign into the existing kiosk at the trailhead. This project required 111.5 hours to complete. If you are hiking at Hawk Woods, look for Anukul's signs to learn more about the different tree species growing on the property.  We will celebrate Anukul at the fall Eagle Court of Honor.