2019 -- Recharter Reminder (Troop Meeting - Tues, Nov 20th)

Hello everyone,


REMINDER:   All scouts & leaders need to complete the attached and give me a check for either $ 33 (leaders) or $ 44 (scouts) by end of November, in order for me to Re-Charter you for 2019 as part of Troop 125.   Recharter forms are attached in both PDF & Word Format.

I will be at the Troop meeting this Tuesday, to continue to collect them.

EMU Sports/Tech Lock-In - Clock is Ticking!

The EMU Sports/Tech Lock-In Rewards Trip is fast approaching!  This year, the overnight trip will be 12/8 – 12/9. Please review the list below for the minimum requirements to attend. If you have not met the minimum criteria, you will not be able to go! Since (and including) Summer Camp:

1) You must have attended at least 3 Troop Meetings, PLCs and/or Courts of Honor. There are only 3 remaining troop meetings left between now and EMU!

This Week in Troop 125

Gooooooood evening Troop 125.

Hello all scouts and parents, we have a quiet week for the average everyday scouts followed by a biiiiiig weekend!

All TOs, there will be a PLC at my house (3746 Merriweather Ln) from 1900 hours (7:00pm) to 2100 hours (9:00pm), I expect to see all my leaders there to discuss the upcoming events.

We have a wonderful city trip taking place this weekend when many of our scouts will be going to CHICAGO! Have fun boys and be safe.

That's all the announcements for now, have a great week everyone!

Dylan Blackmer, SPL

Personal Fitness Test TONIGHT!!!

welcome to Michigan!   Yes, we are doing the personal fitness test at Adams HS tonight at 7pm.  Bring a sleeping pad to do sit up and push ups.  Dress in layers.  You should be cool at the start of the Mile run.  

Bring your workbooks so I can see progress

This is also open to all scout that need Tenderfoot #7a or #7c. It’s the exact same test.  

Any questions, please contact me

Me Arango