Proper Camp Footwear

Less than 24 till we step off to summer camp. 

Reminder to all, there are no open toed shoes allowed in camp, except in the showers.  All scouts need to wear closed toed shoes tomorrow to step off.   This is for the safety of our scouts.  There nothing worse than sustaining a camp-ruining injury that could have been easily prevented.

Thanks for all your support these past few months


Mr. Arango

Sad news about a Troop 125 Eagle Scout

I learned recently of the passing of one of Troop 125’s Eagle Scouts, Doug Goudie, at the relatively young age of 47.  He was active in the troop at the same time I was, and I remember him as an avid runner and outspoken leader.  It appears by the information in the obituary (the link is below) that he was living and working in the Washington, D.C area at the time of his passing.  He leaves behind a wife and 2 school aged children.  Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.

Mr. Borus, ASM

Summer Merit Badge Opportunity

Attention Scouts looking to earn their Small-Boat Sailing merit badge locally this summer: 

The Pontiac Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program has both 1 and 2-week long day camps all summer long (with after-care available). The kids get instruction and spend three hours per day sailing. The sailing coaches are certified to complete the small-boat sailing merit badge blue card. Also, a couple of their coaches are Eagle Scouts!



Hope everyone had a great weekend.  We'll see everyone at Shakedown this Tuesday night at 6pm at the Community House.  First year Scouts, bring your packs and everyone else be ready to get the rest of the gear ready.

In 5 days and a wake up, we head to the Great North Woods for Summer Camp.  We will be assembling at the medical building at 8am, Saturday Morning.  Once we are ready to go, we'll be heading out.  We are traveling in Class A's.  Bring a bagged lunch and we'll get dinner Gladstone.

Scout Focused

-Finish your namestakes

Proper Uniform Shoulder Patches - SECOND NOTICE

Scouts and Adult Leaders,

Reminder that everyone needs to have the red “Rochester Michigan” city patch and "125" patch on their left shoulder.  That is part of our uniform. I saw multiple other patches on uniforms at the last troop meeting and the OA Dinner this week.  THEY NEED TO COME OFF NOW.

The ONLY exceptions for scouts are for Jambo 2017 and those Scouts that may be going to NYLT/NAYLE/NOAC THIS YEAR ONLY.  Additional exceptions for adult leaders (such as for Wood Badge) will be considered on a case by case basis.