More Volunteers Needed for New Troop Website

Hello Parents and Guardians, Scouts and Adult Leaders,

I'm Scout Schuster, the guy behind the curtain of the Troop website -- which has been functional but getting old and crusty. The new site we are building will be fresh and more focused on mobile use, complete with text notifications. If you don't have a phone or don't want texts, please leave that field blank. Enter phone numbers in the format +15555555454 (for example).

Volunteers needed to test new website

We going to build the new site in stages and on the fly -- adding the features and stuff that YOU think is a priority. 

I need brave people to go to and see if they can figure out how to register and login. 

I see that you guys are routinely posting zoom meeting passwords using this blog -- that's somewhat crazy cause the blog is published on the internet ... hmmm. We may need a private communication channel on the new site.