St. Paul's Soup Kitchen

On Wednesday 1/29/20 at 5:30 pm we will be serving at Saint Paul's soup kitchen. We will prepare a healthy meal and will be serving at 6:30. Then we will clean up and be out of there at 8:30.  The right size of this effort is about 3 adults and 6 scouts (since the kitchen area and tasks are limited).  All we need to do is show up in our class B uniforms. If you can go please sign up as soon as possible spots will go quick! The link to the sign-up genius down below. Hope to see you all there!

Patrol Movie Making Contest!


Coming up this February is our troop movie making contest! All patrols have to work together to make a short movie to present to the troop. It can be about anything you want and the plot is up to you to decide! All patrols need to have a movie completed that aligns with the requirements and sent to me (Peter Sa.) by February 24th to be presented at the movie making meeting. Patrols have patrol week in February and any other time until February 24th to get this done. It should be a lot of fun to make and see all of your amazing movies! The requirements are attached below along with guidelines. We will be having a viewing party along with other fun movie making activities at the February 25th troop meeting. Have any questions? Contact me and I will be happy to answer them. I look forward to seeing all of your movies! Thank you!


Peter Sa.

Kroger Community Rewards



If you have not already taken advantage of Kroger's Community Rewards program, be sure to check it out today! BSA Troop 125 is able to benefit from all of the groceries you buy. All you have to do is shop online or at your local store, swipe your Loyalty Card and funds will be donated to our Troop at no added cost to you. I repeat, this does NOT cost you anything. It does not affect your fuel rewards. In fact, I would encourage you to pass this information on to your friends and family as well!


Patrol and TO Reports Reminder

For the upcoming PLC, the reports of the TO's and Patrol leaders must be completed beforehand.

There are outlines for both TO and Patrol leader reports under the forms section of file downloads.

These can be sent to me via E-mail or given to me physically at the PLC.

We are doing this to save time at PLC's going forward.


              Daniel Kamp - Scribe


Contact me at:


Philmont Crew Meeting

The cold weather and rain has me thinking of Scout Weather!!!

Mandatory Philmont Crew meeting at the Price House, 2462 Selkirk Ct, Oakland Twp, MI at 7:30pm on Sunday, 12 Jan.

We will be discussing the training plan coming up.  (Repeat after me, "Stairs are my friends!!)  We will also be discussing the our process of picking treks. 

Think about the scouting activities you enjoy and would like to experience and we'll try to find the right trek for the crew that everyone can have expereinces that excite them and have a lifeitme adventure.