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Tahquamenon falls trip is here

hello Troop 125

we have yet another exciting trip planed for this weekend and I know I am looking forward to it.

a few last minute reminders before we go 

the current weather forecast calls for 34-48 degrees and some rain. please plan accordingly as all activities will continue as planned rain or shine.

also, as a reminder, the first meal the troop provides on weekend outings is breakfast on Saturday morning so please come to the drop off fed and ready for a 6 hour road trip, we will NOT stop for food or snacks along the way. 

New Scout & ST21 Weekend - There is Still Time!

Happy Thursday Troop 125!
We are almost there, our first tent camping event of the year! The weather is looking great for Saturday, the most recent forecast has sunshine and 45 (and none of that scouting "sunshine"). I have confirmation that we will be joined by Rochester's newest troop. They will be joining us to see how we run an outing and starting on their scout skills journey along with our newest members.

Clean out your old Gadgets and Technology for March 5 Troop meeting

To anyone in the troop who has junk technology collecting in their house.


At the March 5 troop meeting we have planed to teardown and take apart household items and appliances. we are seeking objects that you are looking to throw away. In the pursuit of discovery and learning these objects will be taken apart and broken to discover what is inside! 

a list of the kind of objects we are looking for:

Vacuum Cleaner


Coffee Maker


DVD player



Sample Meeting Outline

To all current and future members of the PLC, as well as an scout in charge of an event or meeting.

At the January PLC we discussed how to plan a meeting. Attached is a copy of the sample meeting plan we looked at with some commentary to aid in the planning process. As discussed at the last PLC we will be requiring the scouts in charge of a particular event to present their plans at the PLC prior to the event they are leading. It is expected that each scout works with the adult in charge to build the plan and bring it to the PLC. Remember, Troop 125 is a Scout Lead Troop. 

Catapult Competition Troop Meeting

2018 Catapult & Trebuchet competition is almost here!

Starting this week each patrol should be planning and building their mechanism. This week’s patrol week is a great time to prepare for the November 20th troop meeting. The rules, dimensions, and some suggestions are located on the website under General Information > Catapult Contest Rules. Please follow these rules, failure to do so may lead to a disqualification.

If you have any questions please contact me,

ASM Kevin Sims,


Environmental Science MB @Cranbrook May 12


On May 12 Cranbrook Institute of Science is hosting Environmental Science Merit Badge and as a troop we have signed up for 10 spots. This is an Eagle required MB and you must be First Class to attend. As with any Merit Badge there are pre-requisites, contact me to get the requirements with sufficient time to complete them. Please Sign up by Friday April 20th.  Money and Permission Slips must be in by the May 1st Troop Meeting. Permissions Slips will be sent with the prerequisites. Please sign up at the link below.

Gleaners Food Bank Service – Important Update

Tomorrow we will be doing service at Gleaners Food Bank in Pontiac. The following scouts and adults are signed up to help. We will be meeting at 8:50 at Gleaners you need to arrange your own ride. Mr. Arango offered to help in arranging rides, If you still need a ride please contact him. Otherwise contact me if you have questions.

Final information:

Who: The scouts/adults listed below

What: Service at Gleaners food bank in Pontiac

Where: 120 East Columbia Avenue | Pontiac, MI 48340

When: 8:50 AM Saturday February 24, 2018

Service Project - Gleaners Food Bank

We will be going to Gleaners Food Bank in Pontiac next week Saturday. We need to have 20 service Slots filled 16 scouts and 4 Adults. Sign up today! I expect that with us all working together we will enjoy cheerful service! We will be helping to sort food for families in need. Sign up today!

Who: all scouts and some adults

What: Gleaners Food Bank Service Project

Where: Gleaners Food Bank - Pontiac


sign up here:


More Space for Space Exploration Merit Badge

There are still slots open to join us at Cranbrook this Saturday for the Space exploration merit badge! 

This is a great badge to get to fulfill a requirement for the EMU rewards trip! and great for anyone who will be going on the Rocketry Campout

Details below:

Who: Any Troop 125 Scout (any rank)

What: Space Exploration Merit Badge

Where: Cranbrook Institute of Science, Bloomfield Hills

When: Saturday, October 28th 9am-Noon

How Much: $25 per scout (This covers admission to the museum and materials for the day)