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YES!!! Elections are here.

Let Mr. Berklich know ASAP if you want to run for SPL (You must be Star), Scribe or Quartermaster (You must be First Class)

Call/txt/email or see me at the shakedown on TUESDAY at 1800 (6pm for you civilians types)

YOU DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND SUMMER CAMP TO RUN FOR OFFICE BUT... You will need to have a Speech ready for Summer Camp and either deliver it by recording (I have a bluetooth speaker so send me a file) or have a friend give it. 

There will be NO absentee balloting this year EXCEPT FOR THE JUNE NYLT STAFF

Mr Berklich

ELECTIONS, Tents, Cots, Chairs and Summer Camp

ELECTIONS, Tents, Cots, Chairs and Summer Camp 

Summer camp is just around the corner. Hope everyone is as excited as I am. There is SO much to do at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan that this should be the best summer camp ever. We will have ELECTIONS and several Troop Competitions including a Name Stake Competition, a Totem Pole Competition, Lawn Games, and a Gold Patrol Competition as wells “Most Valuable Scout” and the “Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, and Kind” Award. We will be eating in the mess hall and we will be doing Patrol Cooking too!!

Fire at Philmont Scout Ranch

For those not aware there is a major fire burning at Philmont Scout Ranch New Mexico and the surrounding area.  The Ute Park Fire has consumed over 16,000 acres and 14 building on the Ranch have been lost, as well, 350 more buildings are at risk.  The fire is not under control in any area and the towns of Cimarron and Ute Park have been evacuated. 

We have 2 Troop 125 Eagle Scouts currently working at Philmont as Staff, Dane Riha and Henry Hibbeeln, both have been evacuated.  Links below to the fire

Your in Scouting

Bill Berklich - Scoutmaster



Scouts, Scouters, and Parents too

Thursday is looking to be a beautiful day and we are having a wonderful service project too.

Sign up here>

Bring the whole family sons daughters aunts and uncles to help us out for an hour or two. You will get dirty so old jeans and work gloves are the order of the day.

By the way MANY of you Scouts are short on service hours for the past 6 months.

OA SCOUTS - SUNDAY Eagle CoH Set Up 2:30 at Oak Arbor

Order of the Arrow  Brothers

Our Court of Honor is SUNDAY at Oak Arbor Church 495 Oak Arbor Cir W, Rochester, MI 48306.... New time, Set up starts at 2:30 Flags go at 3:30 SHARP. 

If you were just elected into OA you can come help too - See everyone there for Set Up at 2:30

Seniors - this is your last shot at Service, EVEN if you have aged out come and support your fellow Eagles.

Yours in (usually) Cheerful Service

Mr Berklich


Hi All 

Our Spring Court of Honor is THIS Sunday at 3:30PM at Oak Arbor 495 Oak Arbor Cir W, Rochester, MI 48306. We will be honoring our Scouts for achievements earned since our last Court of Honor in October. OA Scouts Set up at 2:30. Cake afterward.

We have quite a few Scouts that have earn Merit Badges, Rank, High Adventure Medals, and a few that have earned the coveted Participation Award. 

Flags go at 3:30 sharp so please don't be late. 

OA Scouts - Set up at 2:30 Please arrive by 2:30 to help set up. 

Yours in Cheerful Service