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Proper Uniform Shoulder Patches - SECOND NOTICE

Scouts and Adult Leaders,

Reminder that everyone needs to have the red “Rochester Michigan” city patch and "125" patch on their left shoulder.  That is part of our uniform. I saw multiple other patches on uniforms at the last troop meeting and the OA Dinner this week.  THEY NEED TO COME OFF NOW.

The ONLY exceptions for scouts are for Jambo 2017 and those Scouts that may be going to NYLT/NAYLE/NOAC THIS YEAR ONLY.  Additional exceptions for adult leaders (such as for Wood Badge) will be considered on a case by case basis.

Northern Tier Crew Opening

Due to a cancellation, we have an unexpected crew opening for the Northern Tier High Adventure trek this summer.  This is a rare opportunity to canoe the pristine lakes of the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota. Troop 125 is fielding 3 crews this summer to Northern Tier and there is now an opportunity for you to join one of these modern Voyageur crews! Key Details:


- You should be flexible to depart between 7/13 and 7/16, return between 7/22 and 7/25


Class A Uniform Tonight

Reminder - all scouts and adult leaders are expected to be in full Class A uniform tonight. No exceptions. If you do not have your Class A with you, you will need to call someone to bring it to you.

Also, cell phones are to remain out of sight during the meeting. Again, no exceptions - this includes adults. 

Mr. G

Sea Base Deposit Due Tomorrow, 12/19!

Ahoy There Troop 125!

The first Sea Base deposit AND permission slip is due by TOMORROW, 12/19!  Deposits received late will have the lowest priority and will only be considered should we need to fill out a crew.

The Sea Base Permission and Payment Slip can be found in the High Adventure section under File Downloads on the troop web site.

See you in the Keys in '19!

Mr. G