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Troop 125 Micro Cooking Competition is THIS Tuesday, 10/25

Just a reminder that the Troop 125 Micro Cooking Competition is this Tuesday (10/25) at our Troop Meeting! Remember that you will need to prep and make at least 3 samples for 3 judges. Everyone will be using match light charcoal that the troop will provide. You need to bring matches. Each patrol can make several stoves and should bring their ingredients and fire pad(s). See the directions below from the original blog for more information.

Troop 125 Micro Cooking Competition

We are having a Troop 125 Micro Cooking Competition between patrols at the Troop Meeting on Tuesday, October 25th! The challenge is to build a small oven/grill, bowls, utensils, and cooking tins as needed (for example, out of layers of foil). Please see the attachment for full instructions and recipes you can use or make up your own; you will need to cook at least enough food for 3 judges to sample. What your patrol will need to bring: - Aluminum Foil roll to build your oven, utensils, tins, bowls to cook food.