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High Adventure Training

Well done to our scouts off to Isle Royale.  They knocked 10 miles in under 4 hours while carrying at least 30 pounds a piece at Bald Mountain North Trails.  The trail was muddy and hilly.  We climbed over 100 flights during the hike.  It was great effort all around and great learning opportunity of getting their packs squared away.

I know you jealous and want to train this this elite team of scouts.  Come join Bloomer for Stairs Training on Monday, June 17th and Wednesday June 26th.  Meeting at the Stone Shelter.

What to bring

All Scouts - Bottle of water

High Adventure 10 Mile Hike

Come One and Come all.

We are stepping off at 8am, Sunday June 9th from Bald Mountain NORTH trail head (Harmon & Perdmore Rd).  Be there before 8am.

Uniform: Class C (Dress for the weather)

Pack Requirements:

Everyone - At least 2 litres of water, food for trail, hiking boots and appropriate gear for the weather

Going to Philmont - Items above and pack weighing 20 lbs (not including food and water)

Going to Isle Royale -  Items above and pack weighing 30 lbs (not including food and water)

Weekend Activites

Hiking Merit Badge Hike

Rememeber we're stepping of from the Dutton Rd Trail head of the paint creek trail at 8am Saturday Morning.  Bring water and a snack.  All scout training for high adventure, I recommend you have  pack of 20 pounds not including water and food.

Fitness Test Sunday Night.

All Scouts that needed Tenderfoot 7a or 7c, please come to Adams HS Track at 7pm to complete this requirement.  It takes about 30 minutes, please be dressed for the weather.  We will not cancel unless there is lightning.

10 Mile Training Hike Saturday, April 13th

This Saturday will be at 10 mile hike starting at the trail head of the Paint Creek Trail at Dutton.  We'll be stepping off at 8am. We'll be hiking the Paint Creek Trail to Bloomer and back.

Recommended Pack weight of 20lbs. for all high adventure scouts

Dress for the weather

All Scouts should have the following:

    Rain gear
    Trail food
    First-aid kit
    Sun protection
    Map and compass
    Water bottle (>2L)

Look forward to seeing everyone on the trail.

Mr. Arango

High Adventure Updates

High Adventure Updates

Seabase - I’ll have your boat bag at the troop meeting this week   Come find me and get it   

Isle Royale - We got our requested treks at Isle Royale (18-25 July)  we still have room   Come see this breathe taking National Park   

Philmont - 2nd Payment for Philmont is due at this troop meeting   The payment is $350 per person

Your High Adventure Tour Guide

Mr Arango


Seabase Swim Test

the Seabase Swim Test will be at the North Oakland YMCA on Wednesday, March 13th, at 7:30pm.  If you have not successfully complete the BSA Swim Test in preparation for Seabase you need to attend or contact Mr Arango prior to the event. 




We are tight on driving.  All seats are occupied and we don't have the trailer so only pack with duffels, NO BACKPACKS. 

Packing List Review

Make sure you have a mess kit and a sleeping pad (I'm not sure how soft the floor at Climbtime)

If you have not filled out a waiver yet, it must be done before step-off.  You will not be allowed to stay at Climbtime without this waiver.

Thanks for your help.