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Personal Fitness Merit Badge - DATE CHANGED

Good Afternoon,

I'll be conducting a class on the Personal Fitness Merit Badge Sunday, Feb 10 at 6-8 PM at the Community House.  Bring your Merit Badge Workbook.  I'll provide a list of material to bring soon.  If you finished the 12 weeks fitness plan this fall or are looking to complete it this spring, please feel free to attend.  

Prerequisites include have a BSA Medical form complete, completion of Tenderfoot 6a-c, Second Class 7a-b, and First Class 8a-b.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask


Mr Arango

Hawk Woods Merit Badge Opportunities

For those looking for Merit Badges at Hawk Woods, here is the latest details:

Continuing our Boy Scout merit badge sessions, we will be meeting on the varied Wednesday evenings from 7-8pm throughout the season.  Scouts should bring their signed blue cards and worksheets and are encouraged to begin with the merit badge booklet or online readings.  Please note the change of location.  We will be meeting at the Auburn Hills Community Center in the Carriage Room.  The Community Center is located at the Southwest corner of Squirrel and University.


Tomorrow night, remember the initial payment and permission slip for Isle Royale are due.  Please if you are not able to make the meeting or have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Look forward to seeing all the scouts' interest.


Mr. Arango


Good evening High Adventurers,

This summer we are heading to Isle Royale National Park for a breath-taking view and undisturbed wilderness rarely found anywhere else.  The initial payment will be due at the 15 Jan troop meeting. I've attached a parent's guide to better describe the trek and all that leads up to it.  Please read through it and take this opportunity to be a part of this incredible high adventure trek.


Currently I have 15 Scouts and 7 Adult (+18yo) for Philmont.  If you've given me a check and don't see you name, please contact me immediately.  If still want to attend Philmont in 2020 and meet all the requirements, contact me immediately.  The deposit payment to Philmont is due very soon and I need to make sure we have everyone included.  This is a great opportunity to have a significant life experience, don't let it pass you up.


Arango, Joshua

Banerji, Kyle

Bauer, Parker

Benchbana, Zakaria

Benchbana, Adam

Grundhofer, Nick

Wreaths Across America - There's always room for one more

There's always room for one more.

"But Mr. Arango, I didn't sign up"  There's always room for one more.

"I can't get a ride" Call/text me, there's always room for one more.

"I don't need service hours"  There's no such thing, there's always room for one more.

There are 12,000 wreaths that need to be laid honoring the veterans at Great Lakes National Cemetery.  Come and make an impact and truly thank someone and their family for their service.

I'll be at the parking lot at 11am with the troop flag posted by my van.

See Everyone tomorrow.

Wreaths Across America Details (updated Map)

Wreaths Across America

Below is the agenda.  Please arrive on time.  The cemetery will be busy and arriving on 11am allows the troop to be organized, everyone will get their assignments and be ready to support.

Uniform:  Class A's and try to layer up and wear your Troop 125 Fleece.  Watch the weather and be prepared.

Cost: No Cost


11:00 Arrive at Great Lakes National Cemetery at parking lot just south of Belford Rd.  Police will direct you (See Map)