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Female BSA Troop 456 Informational Meeting

For all scouting families that have a daughter interested in a BSA Troop, there is a female troop starting up in the Rochester Area.  Troop 456 is based out of St Paul United Methodist Church and is having an informational meeting this Sunday at 4pm.

My wife and I plan to attend with our daughter.   I know very little about the program other than what I've learned from BSA National.


St Paul United Methodist Church

620 Romeo Rd

Rochester, MI 48307



Mr. Arango

Still hiking the Pedro Trail

Come earn the Pedro Trail Medal

it’s not too late. We’re still hiking the Pedro Trail Saturday Morning. Talk to your patrol mates and do it together  

It’s great training for high adventure, completing requirements and conquer a new goal you’ve never done before  

Sign up at!/showRSVPSignUp/8050D45A5A62BA02-pedro

If you need a ride, let me know and we’ll figure out details. We’re meet at the D-A store at 7:45 and stepping off at 8

Pedro Trail 10 Mile Hike

Want a medal for your uniform?

Preparing for high adventure?

Need to navigate with map and compass?

Working towards the Hiking Merit Badge?

Come join Troop 125 Pedro Trail Hike at D-A in Metamora, Mi.  Here we will hike all 10 miles of Pedro trail.  Upon completion, each successful hiker will receive the Pedro Trail Medal.  We will meet up at the trading post 


Date: 1 Dec 2018

Time: Step Off 8am (meet at the D-A Store at 7:45)

Uniform: Warm hiking boots, hats and gloves are mandatory.  Dress Appropriate for the weather. 

2019 High Aventure - Isle Royale National Park

The 2019 Summer High Adventure trip will take Troop 125 to Isle Royale National Park, in Lake Superior.  We will be going from 18-25 Jul.  We have details already posted as I briefed a few months back.  We plan to hike around 50 miles on the island, swin the lake superior and maybe, just maybe see one of the new wolves that have just been introduced to the island.  The island has been a national park since 1940 and the natural beauty is breathe taking.  This is a great opportunity to see the island.  This is the first trip the troop has made to the island in 12 years so don't miss out.

Personal Fitness Test TONIGHT!!!

welcome to Michigan!   Yes, we are doing the personal fitness test at Adams HS tonight at 7pm.  Bring a sleeping pad to do sit up and push ups.  Dress in layers.  You should be cool at the start of the Mile run.  

Bring your workbooks so I can see progress

This is also open to all scout that need Tenderfoot #7a or #7c. It’s the exact same test.  

Any questions, please contact me

Me Arango

Wreaths Across America

Its that time of year where we are thankful and give thanks for the freedoms in our lives.  Now is time to return a little back for all we’ve been afforded.  

The annual Wreaths Across America will be supported by the troop.  This year we’re going to help out at Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly Mi. Last year the laid 11,000 wreaths and need lots of help   


15 Dec 2018 at Great Lakes National Cemetary

Wear Class A and weather appropriate clothing   

Bring a snack and water as well  

Please sign up today

10 Mile Hike

Prepare for High Adventure, Earn a Merit Badge

Sunday Morning at 8am, 10 Mile Hike.  The route is up and back the paint creek trail to Goodison and back.  There might be a stop at a Cider Mill along the way.

Uniform: None

Dress proper for the weather, be prepared for rain

Packing list:  Water, Trail snack, rain gear, No weight requirement, hike will take 3-4 hours

We are meeting the western parking lot of the Rochester Hills Public Library.  We're stepping off at 8am sharp.

Chicago City Trip

Come see Chicago on the Troop City Trip 16-18 Nov.

See the some of the tallest buildings in the country, the museums, the Chicago style pizza.  Get a camp-out requirement for the EMU rewards trip.  We need to get a head count so that we can make reservations for lodging.

We'll be heading out Friday Night

Saturday will be Field Museum in the morning, maybe Navy Pier in the afteroon and some Chicago Pizza for dinner.  Afterwards head to the top of either Willis Tower or John Hancock building.

Summer High Adventure Trip - Isle Royale

The Summer High Adventure Trip will be backpacking Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior in late July of summer of 2019.  We will have an informational meeting during the Oct 2nd Troop meeting.  This meeting is open to all parents and scouts in at least 8th grade.  Even if you are unsure, come to the meeting and learn more about the trip so that you can be better informed.

If you can't make it, please let me know and I'll get the information to you.

Look forward to seeing everyone.

Mr Arango

Sweet Home Chicago City Trip

The long awaited City Trip is taking Troop 125 to Chicago this November.

To get a good estimate of who is coming to Chicago City Trip 16-18 Nov 2018.  We will be leaving Auburn Hills Medical Building at 6pm on Friday and return Sunday afternoon/early evening.  These number will help us plan the amount of lodging we need. .