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Medical Forms Updates

Every scout and leader will need to update their annual scout medical form.

Everyone needs to have portion A&B completed and returned to Mr. Arango

If you are attending summer camp, than you need portion AB&C.  These forms need to be returned Mr. Arango NLT 15 May.  You will not be able to attend summer camp without this completed.

The ABC form is attached.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Call or text me at 248-462-3796

Mr. Arango

Reward Trip Reminders

Reminder to all scouts attending the EMU lock in this weekend. Please be at the University Medical Bldg (usual drop off location) no later than 6pm, SATURDAY NIGHT. Please have dinner before hand.

Have all your electronics and games carefully packed and make sure you don't forget power cord/chargers.

There will be time in the pool early in the evening so don't forget a swim suit and towel as well.

We are planning to return around 9am Sunday Morning.

Look forward to a great trip

Mr Arango