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Summer Camp Update # 2

Summer Camp Planning and Preparations as still ongoing at this time.  EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


Michigan Crossroads Council has announced that on May 15th a decision will be announced about the status of summer camp operation.


HEALTH FORMS/PHYSICALS:  Keep your doctor appointment scheduled unless they cancel/reschedule with you. A valid medical form with doctor approval is still required to attend camp. Once health forms are complete, you need 3 copies. 

Summer Camp Update

Summer Camp Planning and Preparations as still ongoing at this time.  EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

MERIT BADGE PROGRAM:  Mr. Shelton has registered all scouts as listed in the attached document (must log in).  I attempted to use buddy/group system as much as possible.  Any merit badges changes have to communicated to Mr. Shelton.

Health/Medical Record (ALL) & Summer Camp Info


(Part A, B) All scouts and adults, all activities and camping under 72 hours



(Part A, B, C) All scouts and adults attending Summer Camp and/or Mackinaw. 

This is a Pre-Participation Physical. Schedule this NOW, unless you have already scheduled or completed a physical.  Physical date must be September 01, 2019 or later.

SERVICE---Pancakes, Parade, and Wreaths

A reminder to all scouts and adults,  3 Big Service Opportunities  on Sunday Dec 08 & Saturday Dec 14.


1.  Kiwanis pancake breakfast:  Sun Dec 08 from 8am-1pm​

      Signup & Info: 


2. Rochester Christmas Parade:  Sun Dec 08 from 12:30-3pm

      Signup & Info:

IMPORTANT!!! Rendezvous Update

For Troop 125 this event has been changed to an ALL DAY event on Saturday ONLY.

The fee has been changed to $ 40 for everyone attending.  

For those who turned in forms already, please contact Mr. Shelton (248) 924-4028 to confirm.

NEW SIGNUPS are welcome and encouraged. contact Mr. Shelton by Thursday 9 pm.

Uniform:  FULL CLASS A for travel.  wear TROOP T-SHIRT under for use during day.

Items required to bring:  small backpack with rain gear, small 1st aid kit, and headlight/flashlight. (Plan to carry during day)