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Troop First Aid Meeting

Troop 125,

Tonight there will be a first aid meeting at 7:30 where we will have a presentation on basic first aid, first aid scenario stations, and a substance abuse presentation. All scouts please bring your first aid kit and scout book to the meeting.

See you all there,

Peter Sa.

November Rocket Camp Campfire

 Hello all!  As some of you are aware, the November Rocket Camp is approaching.  There will be a campfire program at the Camp run by Nick Gru and myself, and Patrols need to get a skit to act out.  Patrol Leaders please make sure that your Patrol knows what the plan is and be well prepared.  The skit needs to be at least 3-7 minutes long and it must be Thanksgiving or Fall themed.  Webelos will be at the camp and hopefully we can impress them with creative skits.  Your Patrol can bring props, flashlights, and anything else they feel is necessary for their skit.