Save the Date - Troop Picnic - Monday, August 26th

Dear Scouts & Families - 

Our annual end of summer picnic is scheduled for Monday, August 26th.    

The picnic will be at Bear Creek Park (Oakland Township) starting at 6:00 PM.  

As in years past, the Troop will provide the main course.  Families should plan to bring a dish to pass.  Sign-up Genius will go up in early August.

If you have friends who might be interested in joining the Troop, please feel free to invite them to join us at the picnic.

High Adventure Training

All scouts are welcome to come train with us.  We will be doing middle adventure trips in the 19-20 school year.  It's never too soon to train.

We are conducting High Adventure Training at the Bloomer stairs tonight at 7pm.  

Weight recommendations (Please use your hiking back pack if you have one)

Isle Royale Scouts: 30 pounds.  Carry as much of your equipment as you can and supplement that weight.

Philmont Scouts: 10-20 pounds

All other scouts: no weight.

Everyone bring a water bottle.  Any questions, please call/text me at 248-462-3796

Final Bunch of Cole Summer Camp Pictures Are Now Up on the Troop Shutterfly!

That's a wrap on our pictures for the trip!  Log in and get a feel for all of the Cole fun and accomplishments.  Leaders and others with cool pictures of camp are encouraged to add them to the current Cole album.  Not a member of the site yet?  Parents and scouts can be granted access to enjoy the troop's past and present experiences captured in pictures and selected videos.

More Great Summer Camp Pictures are now Posted on the Troop Shutterfly Site!

Wow!  The week has gone fast and the scouts are finishing up their advancement activities and merit badges.

We have lots of new pictures of all the fun:

We had some light rain last night after bedtime and a nice sunny warm morning, so spirits are high!

We'll be doing some packing and getting ready for the big closing campfire tonight.

Latest Pictures from Cole Canoe Base Summer Camp are up on Shutterfly!

Pictures are now up on the troop Shutterfly site covering our first few exciting days at Cole summer camp!

Weather has been good and spirits high as the scouts have settled into merit badge classes and activities.

The camp wide "Beast Feast"  pot luck extravaganza where each troop brings a favorite food item to share, was a real highpoint.

From all of the participants in the "Desert" category,  T125's famous "Hare Balls" placed second in the competition.

Taming the File Downloads

I've added a feature to the website that allows select users (Uniformed Leaders, Trusted Users, Committee Members) to delete or unpublish files that are listed in the unruly "file downloads" area. I don't know why nobody complained earlier -- that page is a hot mess.  I had once trained somebody on how to wrangle it but they have probably moved on. Note that simply deleting a blog post that has a file attached does not work -- that was causing those weird blanks and "orphaned" files in the listing,