State Parks are Open!

Good Sunny Afternoon.

If folks are looking to get outside, all Michigan State Parks are open.  I just got off the line with the State Park and here's the details:

What's Open

  • All Trails
  • Most Pit toilets
  • No $11 entrance fee

What's Closed

  • Picnic Areas
  • All indoor structures including restrooms
  • Boating area
  • Playgrounds

So get outside and enjoy the weather.


Troop Guidance

Troop 125,

I hope you and your families are all doing well during this unusual period in our country’s history.  As with all challenges presented to Americans, this in the end will only serve to make us stronger.

Your Patrol Leaders' Council is busy working on organizing activities that can be done virtually to keep the Troop in touch and we are still planning on attending Summer Camp and Philmont in July and Mackinac in August. I wanted to provide you all some guidance on how to proceed with Scouting activities during this time.

High Adventure Training

Good Morning Scouts,

I hearing some great training that.  Make sure you don't forget to get out with your packs on too.  The weather is starting to look nicer.  If you're looking for nicer flat trails, the Clinton River trail between Avon and Opdyke are drier because there's better drainage.  Also get out in the woods and do some hills.  When we get back, your crew mates are relying on you to keep pace and carry the needed crew gear.

Here's a list of ideas for trails.

Drew Collins Eagle Scout #158

Congratulations to Drew Collins on becoming our troop's newest Eagle Scout! Drew designed, constructed and decorated two beehive covers for Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve.  The covers and the lids will be placed around existing hives.  Drew's design offers protection and proper ventilation to help bees survive winter months.  His project cost $265.00 and required 151 hours to complete.  We will look forward to celebrating with Drew when we are able to once again gather in person.

Update from the SPL 3/22/20

Good Evening Troop 125,

First and foremost, I would like to send my well wishes to all scouts, adults, and families, as we pass the time at home. 

Speaking of passing the time at home, I highly encourage scouts to take advantage of all the time to work on any requirements or merit badges that can be done at home. This will be extremely helpful to not only move up in ranks, but to become eligible for our Mackinaw trip this summer.

Stay tuned for future information and updates from the troop. 


Andrew Romanski


Philmont Training Update (Get Hiking)

I hope everyone is adjusting well to the new conditions.  I know that many of us, including me, haven't been getting our stair workouts in.  If you miss a workout, don't worry, just know that you need to put your all in the next workout, next stairs, or next hike.  The mental stamina that is required of you today will benefit you as you climb Tooth of Time or Mt. Baldy.  Keep pressing on and lookng forward.

Tips to help meet your training goals:

Summer Camp Update

Summer Camp Planning and Preparations as still ongoing at this time.  EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

MERIT BADGE PROGRAM:  Mr. Shelton has registered all scouts as listed in the attached document (must log in).  I attempted to use buddy/group system as much as possible.  Any merit badges changes have to communicated to Mr. Shelton.