Final Call - Critical Spots Open for Scouting for Food....


Wednesday Nov 7th (4:30 - 6:30) - NEED:

      ***  1 Last Driver for Zone 1!

       ***  4 Scouts (minimum) - 2 each for Zones 1 and 5 which currently have only one person.

Saturday Nov 10th - Just need one or two more scouts for Zone 6 food pick up


For the details and to register for this great service opportunity, go to:

Wreaths For Sale



Due to our troop’s sales dropping below the company’s minimum quota, some of our customers had to change their orders.  Mickman Brothers will not ship 48” wreaths out of Minnesota without 175 total greens sold.


Your scout can make up to 30% of the sale price if you can buy or sell any of the following wreaths/greens.  Pictures are attached.


2 - 36” Classic Wreaths - $43.00 each

2 - Victorian Sprays - $25.00 each

2 - Cranberry Sprays - $26.00 each

2 - Centerpieces - $33.00 each

Chicago City Trip Permission Slip

Here is the Chicago City Trip Permission slip

We will eb staying at a Hostel one block from Grant Park.  We'll have the rooms to ourselves.  We'll be exploring the city, Field Museum and some deep dish pizza on Saturday.  On Sunday, we'll head over to Science and Industry Museum and head home.

We have a limited number of beds so first come first serve on returning the permission slips.  There will be the ability to pay via Troop Store soon

This trip counts towards the reward trip too.

Any questions, please let me know

Mr. Arango

SPOTS OPEN - Scouting for Food 2018 - Nov 7 AND Nov 10



As we get closer, Zones 1,  5 and 6 need volunteer adult drivers and/or scouts -  plus a few other areas!  Please sign up if you have not done so already.

For the details and to register for this great service opportunity, go to:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!

Carla Kamp
248.330.0470 (cell)

This Week in Troop 125

Super important blog y’all!

We have a troop meeting tomorrow, if you’re a PATROL LEADER you much have a meal plan for Mr. Price if you haven’t already sent him one. 

Also at the meeting we will be discussing Knife safety and Lashings.

This weekend is the murder mystery camp out, I look forward to seeing you all there.

Thanks to all the wonderful people that support our troop.

Dylan Blackmer, SPL.

building a sign for Eugene S. Nowicki park.

On november 5-6 I am going to need help building a sign for Eugene S. Nowicki park. The plan for this project is simple. Were going to build a sign that has the park map and rules on one side. on the other side will be information on who Eugene S. Nowicki is. Most of the stucture is going to be made out of weather treated preasure treated wood. There will be plexi glass for the front covering the map and park rules. on the back will be a description of who Eugene is. The sign will also be covered with a roof.

10 Mile Hike

Prepare for High Adventure, Earn a Merit Badge

Sunday Morning at 8am, 10 Mile Hike.  The route is up and back the paint creek trail to Goodison and back.  There might be a stop at a Cider Mill along the way.

Uniform: None

Dress proper for the weather, be prepared for rain

Packing list:  Water, Trail snack, rain gear, No weight requirement, hike will take 3-4 hours

We are meeting the western parking lot of the Rochester Hills Public Library.  We're stepping off at 8am sharp.

Wreath Sales Extras - First Come First Served


Our wreath supplier will only ship full case packs, so we have a few extra greens to sell.  Please let me know if you can buy or sell any of the extra greens.  Follow the link if you would like to see pictures of the products.

3 - 25" Classic Wreaths - $23.00 each

2 - 36" Classic Wreaths - $43.00 each

1 - 25" Cranberry Wreath - $32.00 each

2 - 25" Wintergreen Wreaths - $33.00 each

2 - Victorian Sprays - $25.00 each

3 - Cranberry Sprays - $26.00 each

1 - Wintergreen Spray - $27.00 each