Wreath Sales Needed!!!!

If anyone was unable to attend the meeting last night or forgot to bring in their Wreath Sales Order Recap, I need them today.  I only had seven scouts turn in sales for fewer than 50 pieces and we have to meet Mickman Brothers' minimum sales requirement (175) to have our wreaths shipped.

Please contact me ASAP if you have wreath sales to submit.

Thank you,

Mrs. Laurie Morris


1920 Haverhill Drive, Rochester Hills, MI 48306

Wreath Orders Due TODAY

TODAY (10/23/18), I will be in the lobby of the Rochester Community House collecting all wreath orders before the meeting.

The only form I am collecting is the "2018 Wreath Sales - Order Form Recap."  All rows and columns should be totaled and the first three lines on the bottom should be completed prior to handing in the form.

If you have any questions, please contact me ASAP.

Mrs. Laurie Morris


Micro Cooking Tonight

Quick update to the previous email about the micro cooking tonight. We will be using charcoal and not candles for the cooking. Please remember to bring any utensils that you feel that you will need. For example, tongs, flippers, spatulas... Looking forward to some delicious treats. Presentation of the food will earn extra points.

Mr. Fenchak.

This Week in Troop 125

Troop 125!

We have a pretty eventful week this week with upcoming service projects and other great activities.

Tuesday: Tomorrow is the micro cooking troop meeting so all patrol leaders please make sure you guys have a mini meal planned. You will get a candle for heating. This meeting will begin at 1930 hours (7:30 pm) at the community house. Remember:  Ludlow Avenue is CLOSED! Any wreath orders you guys have are DUE!