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Taming the File Downloads

I've added a feature to the website that allows select users (Uniformed Leaders, Trusted Users, Committee Members) to delete or unpublish files that are listed in the unruly "file downloads" area. I don't know why nobody complained earlier -- that page is a hot mess.  I had once trained somebody on how to wrangle it but they have probably moved on. Note that simply deleting a blog post that has a file attached does not work -- that was causing those weird blanks and "orphaned" files in the listing,

One day, it might be you or your Scout asking this email list for help

On Feb 16, 2019 Troop 125 Scout Arya Sunil sent a message to the 172 people who subscribe to this list.  This is a hardworking Scout using every tool available to publicize an Eagle Scout Can Drive.

  • 85 of the 172 people emailed opened this email.  
  • 15 people clicked through to signup genius. 

Unfortunately, most posts are only opened and read less than 40% of the time according to our analytics. 

If you have friends who are no longer getting blog emails ...


It's come to my attention that many of our subscribers have been unsubscribed from this mailing list because they never "white listed" our blog mailer address.

Sadly, those folks won't get this email -- but you may have a friend still using a spam magnet address from hotmail, aol, yahoo, comcast, ameritech, sbc or earthlink -- these providers and others require users to "white list" or pre-approve email address that send bulk mail to them. 

So if you hear talk around the campfire that "hey I don't get those emails anymore" it's because their  ISP has blocked us.  

Seeking Members for New Web/Communications Advisory Panel

Hello,  Schuster here, the web site guy. 

In 2017 we will build a new web site that is more focused on today's "mobile first" world.  There will still be a "traditional" web site for computer users, but we want our site to work better on smart phones -- and we want to experiment with messaging applications to make it faster and easier to connect while on the go. 

To do this I need some help.

We need a few adult leaders, scouts and scout parents to provide thumbs up/thumbs down feedback on a prototype of our new site while it is being built. 

ORDER OF THE ARROW ONLY NOAC 2015 Promotional Night!

Order of the Arrow members only

NOAC 2015 Promotional Night!

Come learn all about NOAC 2015! If you are not sure about going to NOAC or seeking more information this is the event for you.

Nine (9) of our Troop 125 Arrowmen are currently sighed up to attend - don't be left out. 6 days next summer at Michigan State (3-8 August 2015)

This is a free event for those interested in NOAC 2015. You will be able to register that night if desired. There will be patches available as well!

Uniform Exchange

Troop 125 - All Members/Active and Inactive.

Our troop has digitized it's used uniform inventory and added a tab on the website called "Uniform Exchange" Where you can view the current list of available items.

We are calling all Scouts and Parents to donate your gently used uniform items and scouting gear to help everyone reduce the cost of scouting, reduce waste, and increase our "Funds for Fun!"