Merit Badge Related

Still hiking the Pedro Trail

Come earn the Pedro Trail Medal

it’s not too late. We’re still hiking the Pedro Trail Saturday Morning. Talk to your patrol mates and do it together  

It’s great training for high adventure, completing requirements and conquer a new goal you’ve never done before  

Sign up at!/showRSVPSignUp/8050D45A5A62BA02-pedro

If you need a ride, let me know and we’ll figure out details. We’re meet at the D-A store at 7:45 and stepping off at 8

Personal Fitness Test TONIGHT!!!

welcome to Michigan!   Yes, we are doing the personal fitness test at Adams HS tonight at 7pm.  Bring a sleeping pad to do sit up and push ups.  Dress in layers.  You should be cool at the start of the Mile run.  

Bring your workbooks so I can see progress

This is also open to all scout that need Tenderfoot #7a or #7c. It’s the exact same test.  

Any questions, please contact me

Me Arango

10 Mile Hike

Prepare for High Adventure, Earn a Merit Badge

Sunday Morning at 8am, 10 Mile Hike.  The route is up and back the paint creek trail to Goodison and back.  There might be a stop at a Cider Mill along the way.

Uniform: None

Dress proper for the weather, be prepared for rain

Packing list:  Water, Trail snack, rain gear, No weight requirement, hike will take 3-4 hours

We are meeting the western parking lot of the Rochester Hills Public Library.  We're stepping off at 8am sharp.

Sunday Morning Hike Information

I apologize if I confused everyone on the start location.  We are meeting at the parking on E Greenshield between Kern and Lapeer road.  We are stepping off at 9am.  Be there at least 10 min early. (I've attached a map for the meeting location)

Each Scout going to the Hiking Merit Badge (EAGLE MERIT BADGE) needs to bring a Pre-Hike Plan.  I've attached a template for you to use.  If you need blue cards let me know.

The state parks are great routes and easy to maneuver.   I've also shared a map of the route so you know where we are going.

Personal Fitness Merit Badge Test

Troop 125 will be conducting the Personal Fitness Merit Badge.  This will be support req 6 measuring the scouts strength, endurance and flexibility with 1 min push up, 1 min sit up a, 1 mile run and sit and reach.  

This test will be conducted every other Sunday for 12 weeks. 

All Scout must have a part A&B Physical completed and turned into the troop prior to beginning this merit badge.  

Please bring, running attire and water.  Dress accordingly for the weather.  

Mr Arango

personal Fitness MB counselor  


Summer Merit Badge Opportunity

Attention Scouts looking to earn their Small-Boat Sailing merit badge locally this summer: 

The Pontiac Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program has both 1 and 2-week long day camps all summer long (with after-care available). The kids get instruction and spend three hours per day sailing. The sailing coaches are certified to complete the small-boat sailing merit badge blue card. Also, a couple of their coaches are Eagle Scouts!

Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge

Hello Scouts,

   I am working on my small boat sailing merit badge this summer with a counselor. The counselor said it would be easier if  3-4 other scouts do it with me. This is open to any scouts. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested in doing this over the summer.

                                                  Thank you,

                                                        Owen Smith