Permission Slips

Rewards Trip Permission Slip

Attached is the Rewards Trip Permission Slip!  This year, the overnight trip will be 12/8 – 12/9.  We’ll be heading to The Henry Ford for a few hours to check out some cool stuff and then overnight for a Sports/Tech Lock-In at the EMU Rec/IM Center. Bring your games, bring your gear, and let’s have some FUN!!! Electronics allowed on this trip!!! Remember, you need to be logged in to view the permission slip!

Please review the list below for the minimum requirements to attend. If you have not met the minimum criteria, you will not be able to go! Since (and including) Summer Camp:

Caberfae Ski Trip 2019 - Save the Date!!!: 1/4-6/2019

It's true!  Winter is coming and so is the ski trip!  Save the 1/4-5-6/2019 weekend date since this comes up first thing in the new year.  

This is one of the few T125 events where parents, siblings, families can come and share in the fun!  The permission slip and signup will be out later in the month.  We try to get all of the paperwork and preparations done BEFORE the troop takes Christmas holiday break so that we can enjoy the time off, then hit the slopes on the first weekend of 2019!

Chicago City Trip Permission Slip

Here is the Chicago City Trip Permission slip

We will eb staying at a Hostel one block from Grant Park.  We'll have the rooms to ourselves.  We'll be exploring the city, Field Museum and some deep dish pizza on Saturday.  On Sunday, we'll head over to Science and Industry Museum and head home.

We have a limited number of beds so first come first serve on returning the permission slips.  There will be the ability to pay via Troop Store soon

This trip counts towards the reward trip too.

Any questions, please let me know

Mr. Arango

Chicago City Trip

Come see Chicago on the Troop City Trip 16-18 Nov.

See the some of the tallest buildings in the country, the museums, the Chicago style pizza.  Get a camp-out requirement for the EMU rewards trip.  We need to get a head count so that we can make reservations for lodging.

We'll be heading out Friday Night

Saturday will be Field Museum in the morning, maybe Navy Pier in the afteroon and some Chicago Pizza for dinner.  Afterwards head to the top of either Willis Tower or John Hancock building.

Atomic Energy Camporee is FULL!!


Tremendous response on the Atomic Energy Camporee!  Currently, all spots have been reserved. If you are interested in attending and have NOT yet paid/provided a permission slip, please send me an email and I will put you on a wait list while I check whether additional spots can be reserved. Any slips/payments received after this point will be considered wait listed until I verify more spots are available.


Mr. G



Hey Scouts

Our Sleeping Bear Survival Camp is HERE!  We are leaving for Sleeping Bear on Friday September 14  (See Permission Slip) And once we arrive - you have to SURVIVE.  Check the attached Pack List (see pg 2 of the Permission Slip).

Sign up NOW!  Be Prepared! Check out the Survival scenario and review your fire starting and First Aid.

Download and return the permission slip (attached)

See you on the Trail

Mr. Berklich - ASM