Rank Advancement


Advancement is an important part of Scouting. It is a measure of your growth and progress. Each Scout keeps his own personal advancement record and record of your service campouts, troop activities and leadership positions in his copy of The Boy Scout Handbook. The troop also keeps advancement records. You should work on advancement with you parents, your fellow Scouts, your Scout Leaders and counselor. You may work on your advancement on your own, in patrol and selected Troop meetings, and during some Troop functions/outings. Scout skills can be mastered by reading, doing, understanding, and through repeated practice, even after the skill has been "sign off."

Scoutmaster Conference

Each Scout must regularly meet with a Scoutmaster for a Scoutmaster Conference. This is to discuss your goals and accomplishments and is required for each rank advancement. You do not have to wait until you have completed requirements for another rank to request a Scoutmaster conference. To count towards rank advancement a Scoutmaster Conference must take place after all other requirements are complete and before the Board of Review.

Board of Review

A Board of Review is required for each rank advancement. After completing the requirements and getting approval through a Scoutmaster Conference, you must contact the Troop Scribe to sign up in advance for a Board of Review (held during Troop meetings or at Committee Member's homes) For the review, you need to have you Boy Scout Handbook and must appear in full ‘Class A’ uniform. You review will discuss your trail to Eagle, quiz you on required knowledge and skills for your rank, and evaluate you in terms of troop activities and preparedness for the new rank. You may also provide feedback to the Troop Committee about activities and your scouting experience. The Board will inform you qualify for the next rank or what actions you must take to qualify. Do not expect to pass every Board of Review the first time. You must earn your rank before it is awarded. If you do not advance in rank over a period of approximately six months, you may be asked to participate in a Scoutmaster Conference and/or a Board of Review for an interim evaluation of your progress. This helps both you and the adult leaders monitor Scouts that are advancing so they can offer appropriate encouragement and guidance.


Troop recognition and badges are awarded at the next Troop meeting. Formal recognition with family and friends in attendance is done at a Court of Honor, usually held twice each year.