Troop 125 High Adventure Program

The Troop 125 and BSA high adventure opportunities for the older and more experienced scouts complement the program for the path for new Scouts. Our troop is fortunate to have leaders and adults that can support frequent high adventure opportunities for the "older" scouts that are advancing throuHigh Adventuregh the ranks.

The troop attempts to schedule at least two major, and a couple of weekend high adventure outings each year. There are minimum requirements for age, rank and fitness to participate in the high adventure activities. Generally, to be considered a scout must be First Class rank and approaching age 14. As expected, individual abilities and working with the high adventure crew are important and safety considerations. Keep in mind:

  • These are tremendous adventures and your leadership opportunities. This is why you joined scouts.
  • There may be required crew preparation activities.
  • You are individually responsible for your personal fitness and preparation. You are making a commitment to work as a member of your crew. There will be times when you must defer your individual interest to the safety and needs of the group.
  • You must demonstrate scout spirit at all times. Your attendance at troop meetings and participation in outings are a prerequisite to participating in high adventure.

Recent Troop 125 High Adventure Destinations:

Philmont Scout Ranch

Florida Seabase

Northern Tier High Adventure Bases

Sometimes there are limited positions for a particular activity so all that are eligible may not get to go on all trips. Troop 125 continues to integrate a wide assortment of high adventure opportunities as part of the troop’s annual program.

For younger scouts that are now coming eligible by age and rank, high adventure is the culmination of scouting knowledge and skills. Through these adventures you will be challenged both physically and mentally. In return, you will be rewarded with adventure that you will remember and speak of for a lifetime. Note that the age and eligibility requirements vary by outing.

The Scout Oath and Scout Law provide a great foundation for determining the line between fun and when ‘horse play” threatens safety and welfare of crew members. For many of these adventures there are limited positions available, so sign up early to improve your chances of being selected. Frequently this is “first come, first served” although signing up for some adventures does not guarantee a position. Sometimes, crew size is limited by BSA or outfitter regulations. Often the number of seats in vehicles is limited based approved adult drivers.