popcorn take orders due TONIGHT by 9:00 pm

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Popcorn take orders are due to me by 9:00 PM on Sunday October 8th.  Please use the attached xls (attached to original post from Tursday) and enter your total sales.  Please enter your (your scouts) name on a single line then a total in each column for each item needed.  I do not want a list of people you sold to, just a single line with your information.  Please do not make any other changes to the form as I cut your single line and paste it into a master list and any changes could result in you receiving the wrong items.  Do NOT just email or text me a list of what you need, send only the completed xls.

Please email your completed xls sheet with your sales to markowi2@yahoo.com.  I will confirm receipt of your order, if you do not receive a confirmation from me, that means I did not get it.  If that happens, please call me, don't just resend it.  The sooner you send in your order, the more likely I MAY be able to fill it from the stock I have, and not have to wait for the final order to come in the end of October.