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Now that our sons are all home I wanted to run down the results from summer camp.

First and foremost,  Mr. John Grundhofer has taken the responsibility of Scoutmaster for Troop 125. Mr. Berklich will still be around to provide guidance but John will have managing the day to day operations of the troop long with the existing committee and ASMs

​The scouts attended class for over 340 merit badges.  Though, we don't have the final results back yet. this will be posted soon along with what to do if a scout has a partial.  I really think we have a good number of completion to include the new scouts..

I would like to thank the adult leaders that made this week so successful.  Often this work goes unnoticed but is so greatly appreciated.  Most of the them drove over 1000 miles.

Mr. Bill Berklich - Scoutmaster

Mr. Mark Gerhart - Jack of all trades

Mr. John Grundhofer - Chef, Merit Badges oversight

Mr. Kevin Price - Lead Chef (we never went hungry when Kevin was cooking), organized our Zip Line Lunch

Dr. Dave Schall - Coordinated a Board of Review for some scouts for his first summer camp, organized lunches on the road

Mr. Kevin Sims - Chef, Merit Badges oversight

Mr Kazar Terterian - Camp Banker

Mr. Tiegren Terterian - Troop Guide and mentor for First Year Scouts

Mr. Jim Wells - Director for Troop Equipment to include portable hot water and over 1k kWhr of power for the camp for the week.

I'll post the process of any partial merit badges later this week.  Thanks for all the great support from the scouts and their families leading up to the camp.

Mr Arango