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Yes - we leave tomorrow.  A couple of reminders:

 - DO NOT BRING FOOD - we are in Bear Country. Food in you pack or pockets can bring bears or more likely it will draw Skunks, Raccoons, Opossums or Chipmunks.  They will destroy your pack, clothes and sleeping bag  -  NO FOOD.

 - We are arriving after dark - Be Sure you have a flashlight with you in your pocket not in your pack, you will need it.

 - Use the Pack List 10' x 10' Tarp (8' x 10' minimum)  Bring line and if you have a couple of poles you can bring those too.   

 - Weather looks GREAT but bring your Rain Gear!  Always bring your rain gear. It will be 10F cooler up there and an additional 10F on the water.

 - Tennis Shoes are great for this trip - you will need them in the sand.

The Troop is providing Food but you will have to Cook it.  Check out the attachment and bring it tomorrow for a reference.

See you all Tomorrow NLT 6PM


Mr. Berklich

ASM - T125