EMU Sports/Tech Lock-In - Clock is Ticking!

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The EMU Sports/Tech Lock-In Rewards Trip is fast approaching!  This year, the overnight trip will be 12/8 – 12/9. Please review the list below for the minimum requirements to attend. If you have not met the minimum criteria, you will not be able to go! Since (and including) Summer Camp:

1) You must have attended at least 3 Troop Meetings, PLCs and/or Courts of Honor. There are only 3 remaining troop meetings left between now and EMU!

2) You must have at least 3 nights of camping on TWO separate trips.  This would include Summer Camp, Northern Tier, NYLT, NAYLE, Sleeping Bear Dunes, the Atomic Energy Camporee and the Proud Lake Murder Mystery. There are NO remaining camping opportunities this year.

3) You must have earned a Rank Advancement or Merit Badge. For Merit Badges, you must have turned in the Blue Card to Mr. Scarlatelli and he has to have a record of it.  Merit Badges earned at Summer Camp count!

4) You must have at least 3 Troop arranged Service Hours.  This would include the Veteran’s Tribute of Oakland Township, Art & Apples Parking, D-bar-A Conservation Service, Scouting for Food Bag Drop Off and Pickup, and the upcoming Rochester Christmas Parade Pancake Breakfast and Rochester Christmas Parade Flag Detail.  Note only troop arranged services hours are eligible for the rewards trip, so if you volunteer at your church or soup kitchen, great, but those hours don’t count, nor do hours served for Eagle projects (but those hours do count for rank advancement purposes).

So far, the following Scouts are eligible:

  • Josh A.
  • Kyle B.
  • Parker B.
  • Chad B.
  • Spencer B.
  • Zakaria B.
  • Charlie Bo.
  • Luke D.
  • Ryan D.
  • Travis D.
  • Pierce E.
  • John G.
  • Nick G.
  • Daniel K.
  • Ishaan M.
  • John P.
  • Alex R.
  • Ethan R.
  • Andrew R.
  • Robert R.
  • Breanden R.
  • Peter Sa.
  • Peter Sz.
  • Kyan W.

If you have questions on the requirements or think you have met the requirements and are not on the list, let me know. Don't be left out!

Mr. G