2019 High Aventure - Isle Royale National Park

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The 2019 Summer High Adventure trip will take Troop 125 to Isle Royale National Park, in Lake Superior.  We will be going from 18-25 Jul.  We have details already posted as I briefed a few months back.  We plan to hike around 50 miles on the island, swin the lake superior and maybe, just maybe see one of the new wolves that have just been introduced to the island.  The island has been a national park since 1940 and the natural beauty is breathe taking.  This is a great opportunity to see the island.  This is the first trip the troop has made to the island in 12 years so don't miss out.

There will be a parent's guide to be added soon.

First payment is due on 15 Jan 2019 for $200. 

Second (Final) payment is due on 15 Mar 2019 for $250.

Please complete the permission slip and return it to me NLT 15 Jan.


Mr Arango