Philmont Guide and Payment Schedule

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Attached is the Philmont presentation from the troop meeting and the Philmont Parent’s Guide.  Read them carefully and contact Mr. G with any questions!  The last page in the Parent’s Guide is the Payment Sheet that lays out when each payment is due. It may seem like a long way off, but planning starts now! (Remember you need to be logged in to view attachments – if you cannot see them, go to the High Adventure section in the File Downloads area on the troop web site).

The initial deposit is due no later than the December 18th troop meeting!!!!

Crew selection will be filled on a “first come first served” based on several factors including:

  • Deposit Turn In Date
  • Age / Rank
  • Scouts with a parent going
  • Number of adults attending
  • Scouts in charge

The following are eligible to attend:

  • Scouts 13 yo and graduated the 8th grade or 14 yo at the time of arrival at Philmont. This includes ALL Eagles, Raptors, Knight Wings, Tomahawks/Patriots (must be First Class at time of step off)
  • Parents/Adults 21 and older (will need to be registered with the BSA)
  • Scouts between 18 & 21 that may have aged out at step off (will need to be registered with the BSA)

The number of crews we can field will be dependent on the number of both Scouts and adults that sign up.  Adult participation is critical to the success of this trek!

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!  This will possibly be the last chance you will get to go to Philmont with the troop!  Want to know more about Philmont?  Check out their website here:

See you on the trail in 2020!

Mr. G