Caberfae is Coming This Weekend: Be Prepared!

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For you scouts/leaders preparing to go on the ski trip this weekend, this blog is for you!  Caberfae has been getting snow and cold evening temps over the past couple weeks! Conditions couldn't be better!  Looks like some sun and moderate temperatures are forecast in the middle 30s during the day and high 20s at night.  Thanks to all of you that have signed up for the trip. We have 21 scouts and 37 leaders/family members going for this year's trip.

Scouts and leaders will be in a heated clubhouse that has bunks, mattresses, restrooms with showers.  You will need to bring a light sleeping bag and a sheet to cover the mattress if you wish.  Bring your ski gear and dress for the weather conditions!  Make sure that you have extra warm layers to wear under your ski gear.  Having hand/toe warmers, a scarf or balaclava and goggles/sunglasses are a good idea (don't have goggles... borrow some from a friend for the trip).  All scouts are required to wear helmets.  Cold? Feel free to go into the lodge to warm up and you'll want to bring some spending $ for hot cocoa. Scouts traveling to/from the camp will need to be in Class A Uniforms.  Class C is good around the camp and ski gear is just fine at Caberfae.   You will need pajamas or shorts/tee shirt to sleep in.  Wear or bring some snow boots for outside play, sneakers or slippers for inside.  Bring a wash towel and personal toiletries including toothbrush (yes, there will be brushing of the teeth on this trip).

Further information has been sent by direct email to all leader/driver/parent participants.

Do you have too much gear? We plan to take Mini-me with us for your skis, gear and whatever you rather not stuff in your vehicle.  Mini-me will be coming back Sunday morning with the group.  Sunday skiers are free to also put gear that they will not need for the day in the trailer and pick up later on Sunday at the Wells home.

Let it snow! - Questions? - Jim Wells Cell:810-602-9879