One day, it might be you or your Scout asking this email list for help

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On Feb 16, 2019 Troop 125 Scout Arya Sunil sent a message to the 172 people who subscribe to this list.  This is a hardworking Scout using every tool available to publicize an Eagle Scout Can Drive.

  • 85 of the 172 people emailed opened this email.  
  • 15 people clicked through to signup genius. 

Unfortunately, most posts are only opened and read less than 40% of the time according to our analytics. 

For all I know, members of the troop might consider this to be a great success. I know that from experience, as a parent, as a uniformed leader, and as a volunteer chairperson, this email list is a lifeline. People depend on it, maybe too much, to make important announcements. 

As a parent, I would scan the incoming subject lines for things that impacted ME.  It was only after a person who was new to our Troop, and had experience as part of another Troop, expressed disappointment over our Troop's lack of response to things, specifically Eagle project requests for help.  From then on, I tried to read the many posts from the other person's point of view. I know how much energy it gave me as a volunteer when I got words of support and traction.

I'm no longer familiar with with the daily operation of the Troop, but my association with T125 was a great experience and that is why I remain helpful (hopefully) as webmaster and admin of the email service. I learned in the most recent email "purge" project that there is is significant frustration and confusion surrounding the email list and how it works. Adding to the stress are the many anti-spam rules and filters out there that cause us to jump through hoops to even have a group email list. If anyone needs help, use the contact form on our site or simply email me at

I hope the Troop enjoys vibrant participation and engagement, and that volunteers don't feel like they need to "nag" people for responses. As always, I'm open to suggestions on how to make things better. 

Way to go Arya! Good luck with your Eagle project. Consider writing a post to thank those who showed up to support you. 


Scott Schuster 



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