Taming the File Downloads

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I've added a feature to the website that allows select users (Uniformed Leaders, Trusted Users, Committee Members) to delete or unpublish files that are listed in the unruly "file downloads" area. I don't know why nobody complained earlier -- that page is a hot mess.  I had once trained somebody on how to wrangle it but they have probably moved on. Note that simply deleting a blog post that has a file attached does not work -- that was causing those weird blanks and "orphaned" files in the listing,

It's probably best to simply unpublish rather than delete, but you make the call. I was also greatly encouraged this week. I got an email from Peter S. with a list of stuff that needs doing on the website. I'm happy to help address things when asked -- so Peter S. is going to have an expanded role and power to administer more things on the site, like patrol names. Please let me know if you think something is messed up or ought to be fixed. 


Scott Schuster
Acting Troop Webmaster