Summer Camp Final Payment and More!

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Troop 125 Summer Campers and Parents:

We are getting closer to Summer Camp.  A few key things (this will be a long message):

  1. Final Payment is Due May 21 at the Troop Meeting:
    We have finalized total costs for camp.  Through our annual fundraising, the Troop has been able to reduce the costs for those going to summer camp by $50/scout.  As such, final payment is $75 per scout instead of $125 originally estimated.  If you have already paid in full, scout accounts will be credited for the overage. 
  2. Health Forms Due!
    Please bring signed copies of your health forms, including part C signed by your physician.  As of today, only 5 scouts have up to date medical forms on file.  Please contact Mr. Damian with your updates
  3. Medication Form Required:
    If you are bringing any medications to summer camp, your parent must complete the Medication Form.  It has been added to the Summer Camp related file download area (also attached to this message in the blog).  Please bring this to the troop meeting and bring to Mr. Damian or myself. 
  4. Special Dietary Needs:
    Those with special dietary needs must complete the following online form for Cole.
    These needs will be accommodated by Cole for meal menus.

More to come this week.   Contact me with any questions.


Mr. Szachta