More Volunteers Needed for New Troop Website

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Hello Parents and Guardians, Scouts and Adult Leaders,

I'm Scout Schuster, the guy behind the curtain of the Troop website -- which has been functional but getting old and crusty. The new site we are building will be fresh and more focused on mobile use, complete with text notifications. If you don't have a phone or don't want texts, please leave that field blank. Enter phone numbers in the format +15555555454 (for example).

Be prepared to upload a profile photo and cover image. Your account will not function without them. The photos are needed so we can all know who we are interacting with, for a more approachable, friendlier experience. These are only visible to logged in members of the site.
I am manually approving each account right now so there might be a short delay.

Be warned that the site is half-built and the reason I want you to join is to tell about what works and what does not and guide our success in improving Troop communication. Features will be added and re-engineered until we get it right. Please poke around and click on everything and tell me what breaks. Take screensots of error messages and tell me what kind of device and browser you are using (Windows 10 Pc, using Chome, Apple Phone, Android, Ipad, Rasperry Pi)