BSA Organization

The National Organization

Boy Scouting is actually owned by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. It was modeled after the Scouting movement founded by Lord Robert S. S. Baden- Powell in England in 1908. Among its major functions, the National Council; (1) develops programs, (2) sets and maintains quality standards in training, leadership selection, uniforming, registration records, literature development, and advancement requirements, (3) publishes Boy's Life and Scouting magazines, (4) maintains national high-adventure bases, and (5) organizes a national Scout Jamboree about every 4 years.

Our Local Council: Great Lakes

To administer the over 50,000 registered Troops, the National Council issues a charter to each local council There are 385 local councils in the United States. Troop 125 belongs to the Great Lakes Council. Local council responsibilities include; promoting the Scouting program, registration of units (Troops, Packs) and council personnel, and providing facilities and leadership for a year-round outdoor program, including summer camp. A Scouting District is a geographical area within the local council.

Our District: Objibwa

Troop 125 is located in the Ojibwa District of the Clinton Valley Council. District leaders; provide training for adult volunteers, provide district programs for troops, assist in the formation of new troops, and help coordinate the annual giving campaign. Each troop is "owned" by a chartered organization.

Our Charter Organization: The Rochester Community House

The charter organization of Troop 125 is the Rochester Community House. It receives a national charter yearly to use the Scouting program as part of its youth work. The troop's liaison to the Rochester Community House is called the Chartered Organization Representative. The Troop 125 Committee works on behalf of the chartered organization (Rochester Community House). Its primary responsibilities are supporting the Scoutmaster and Uniformed Leaders in delivering a quality troop program, and handling troop administration.