New User Registration Process

Please read carefully

Seriously ...

We take your privacy and information security seriously. So, we make new users jump through some hoops before giving full access to our web site.

Step 1 is to share the email addresses you plan to use on this web site with our Scoutmaster. Our contact form is an easy to way do this.

When he gets a few minutes, the Scoutmaster will load your email into the website and you will be "pre-approved." The Scoutmaster then needs to tell you that it's okay for you to register.

Step 2 is to complete the registration form. If pre-approved, you will be granted access to the site. You will get a "Welcome email" that requires you validate your email. Always check your junk mail or spam folder. Next you'll set your password, and you are in.

Step 3 Once you are registered and able to login, you may also sign up for optional email notification through a company called "feedblitz." Information on how to do this is on the front page of our site, visible only to "logged in" registered users. We use this third-party emailer because they specialize in sending bulk email to big lists of people and not getting flagged as junk mail or spam.

If you skip all the pre-approval formality and just fill out the registration form ... nothing will happen. Please don't skip the approval process.