High Adventure



When 6:30pm Tuesday, 17 Sept 19

Where: Community House, Rochester

Why: Agenda

Who: All Scouts and Adult Leaders going to Philmont

-To cover full calendar of events leading up to Philmont

-Announce Crews and Adult Leaders to each Crew

-Provide expectation of Middle Adventure and Training Events

Uniform: Class A

Pizza Dinner will be provided.



When 7am, 5 Oct 19

Middle Adventure - Shingle Mills - PHILMONT TRAINING

Hope Everyone is having start of the school year.

We are kicking off the Philmont Training this year with a Middle Adventure trip toe Shingle Mills trail in Northern Michigan.  What is Middle Adventure?  This is an opportunity for scouts to improve their backpacking and backwoods camping skills as well as increase scout and crew skills vital for success at Philmont and other High Adventure trips.  These trips will be one or two night trips and the scout will carry all of their gear and some of their crew gear.

Details- Shingle Mills Trail

Isle Royale Successfully Completed

I wanted to take a few moments to congratulate the Isle Royale Crew of Josh Arango, Pierce Eschtruth and Andrew Romanski for completing their trek of Isle Royale National Park.  Here's some numbers

Hiked 53 Miles carrying up to 50 lbs of equipment, food and fuel.

Climbed over a mile of elevation throughout the 5 days.

Saw 9 Moose (including the massive Bruce the Moose), beavers, foxes and snakes of all types.

Traveled 1200 Miles by car and boat.

Countless wild blueberries and a few thimbleberries eaten

High Adventure Training

All scouts are welcome to come train with us.  We will be doing middle adventure trips in the 19-20 school year.  It's never too soon to train.

We are conducting High Adventure Training at the Bloomer stairs tonight at 7pm.  

Weight recommendations (Please use your hiking back pack if you have one)

Isle Royale Scouts: 30 pounds.  Carry as much of your equipment as you can and supplement that weight.

Philmont Scouts: 10-20 pounds

All other scouts: no weight.

Everyone bring a water bottle.  Any questions, please call/text me at 248-462-3796

10 Mile Training Hike Saturday, April 13th

This Saturday will be at 10 mile hike starting at the trail head of the Paint Creek Trail at Dutton.  We'll be stepping off at 8am. We'll be hiking the Paint Creek Trail to Bloomer and back.

Recommended Pack weight of 20lbs. for all high adventure scouts

Dress for the weather

All Scouts should have the following:

    Rain gear
    Trail food
    First-aid kit
    Sun protection
    Map and compass
    Water bottle (>2L)

Look forward to seeing everyone on the trail.

Mr. Arango

High Adventure Updates

High Adventure Updates

Seabase - I’ll have your boat bag at the troop meeting this week   Come find me and get it   

Isle Royale - We got our requested treks at Isle Royale (18-25 July)  we still have room   Come see this breathe taking National Park   

Philmont - 2nd Payment for Philmont is due at this troop meeting   The payment is $350 per person

Your High Adventure Tour Guide

Mr Arango