High Adventure

Philmont Guide and Payment Schedule

Attached is the Philmont presentation from the troop meeting and the Philmont Parent’s Guide.  Read them carefully and contact Mr. G with any questions!  The last page in the Parent’s Guide is the Payment Sheet that lays out when each payment is due. It may seem like a long way off, but planning starts now! (Remember you need to be logged in to view attachments – if you cannot see them, go to the High Adventure section in the File Downloads area on the troop web site).

2019 High Aventure - Isle Royale National Park

The 2019 Summer High Adventure trip will take Troop 125 to Isle Royale National Park, in Lake Superior.  We will be going from 18-25 Jul.  We have details already posted as I briefed a few months back.  We plan to hike around 50 miles on the island, swin the lake superior and maybe, just maybe see one of the new wolves that have just been introduced to the island.  The island has been a national park since 1940 and the natural beauty is breathe taking.  This is a great opportunity to see the island.  This is the first trip the troop has made to the island in 12 years so don't miss out.

Summer High Adventure Trip - Isle Royale

The Summer High Adventure Trip will be backpacking Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior in late July of summer of 2019.  We will have an informational meeting during the Oct 2nd Troop meeting.  This meeting is open to all parents and scouts in at least 8th grade.  Even if you are unsure, come to the meeting and learn more about the trip so that you can be better informed.

If you can't make it, please let me know and I'll get the information to you.

Look forward to seeing everyone.

Mr Arango

Winter 2019 Colorado High Adventure Ski Trip - Interest Survey

Scouts & Adults

Are you interested in going on a Colorado High Adventure Ski Trip this winter?  If no, you can stop reading this note.  If you are interested please keep reading to learn more about the trip details and the steps you need to take to reserve a spot.  

If enough people are interested in the trip we will form a crew and finalize plans for the trip during September.  

Trip Eligibility Requirements

Sea Base Payment #3 Due 7/31!

Ahoy Mateys!

Just a friendly reminder that Sea Base Payment #3 for $250 per attendee is due to me by 31 July 2018 (one week from today).

If you have not yet submitted Payment #2 (which was due 15 May), I need it...NOW. We have upcoming payments due to Sea Base and all funds need to be in hand. Don't force me to make you walk the plank.

Payments can be snail mailed to me or dropped off at: 1632 Newcastle Court, Rochester Hills, MI  48306

See you in the Keys in '19!

Your Sea Base Skipper,

John Grundhofer


Northern Tier High Adventure Crews E071518A & B Have Returned!

A batch of pictures for both crew's travel to/from the Ely NT base camp and from Crew E071518B (Grundhofer/Wells) trek on the water are now up on Shutterfly!  We were fortunate to have had a safe trip and good weather while canoeing the Boundary Waters on the border of Minnesota and Canada.

Both crews were able to cover 50+ miles of paddling and portaging (walking your food, gear and canoes over land between lakes) with lots of adventures, fish caught and wildlife seen along the way.

Gathering High Adventure Gear

We are in the process of gaining a better handle of High Adventure gear accountability and storage. Since we have crews departing for Northern Tier this month, we very much need to get this on the fast track. Specifically, we need an immediate acquisition of the following gear:

·       All Water Filter Pumps and spare Filters

·       Water Bladders (Water Pigs), both Red and Black

·       Waterproof Map Cases.

Northern Tier Crew Opening

Due to a cancellation, we have an unexpected crew opening for the Northern Tier High Adventure trek this summer.  This is a rare opportunity to canoe the pristine lakes of the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota. Troop 125 is fielding 3 crews this summer to Northern Tier and there is now an opportunity for you to join one of these modern Voyageur crews! Key Details:


- You should be flexible to depart between 7/13 and 7/16, return between 7/22 and 7/25